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Mandarin M5

Mandarin Oasis/Web OPAC

Mandarin's new kids OPAC makes it fun for young readers to search a library's collection! Children can choose from four themes by toggling among them.

Mandarin newest update makes it a snap for a library to manage visual search. Account holders with appropriate rights have instant access to

Mandarin's new tools make it easy and intuitive for students and library patrons to manage, store and share lists of library resources.

This two part video playlist demonstrates the Multiple Bookbags/Bibliographies and Visual Search (Easy Edit).

This eight-part video playlist demonstrates the various features of the Setup Page.

New Features Playlist: This playlist demonstrates two important new features included in the Oasis 2.80 update:

New Features Playlist: This playlist demonstrates seven important features included in the Oasis 2.70 update: