Oasis and Web OPAC 2.8.5 Updates and System Improvements (full list)

June 2013: Oasis 2.8.5

The newest version of Mandarin Oasis includes features and updates based on customer feedback. Our goal, as always, is to continue to make the program easier to use, more feature-rich, and as efficient as possible in handling the procedures librarians need every day, while also providing a user-friendly interface for library patrons.



  1. The Setup page is now easily accessible with an Enter Setup button on the main Oasis/WebOPAC page. The button only appears when the user has access privileges for Setup, and the Setup page still requires a separate login and password.

  3. Access to configuration of Visual Search is now available from the main Visual Search page when the user has access rights to that feature. A Configure Visual Search link opens the Visual Search Setup page, which requires a separate login and password.



  1. Bibliographies can be generated and saved. Any one of the multiple Bookbags a user has created can be saved as a Bibliography with a URL that can be linked to from a Visual Search component, from Mandarin CMS, or from the library’s or another website. Watch for tips on how to use this great new feature.

  3. Interlibrary loan from the Oasis/WebOPAC has been enhanced with options to include the lending library as well as multiple To and CC email addresses in the ILL request.



  1. The customized templates that can be created in Cataloging are now also available in Circulation to add patron, bibliographic and holding records.

  3. The speed of transactions has been significantly improved for patrons with a large number of loans.

  5. In Library Transactions, columns to display Grade, Homeroom and Teacher have been added if the location is defined as SCHOOL.1 This allows school librarians to quickly access lists of loans or overdues for classes, without having to use formal reports.

  7. Hold messages have been reformatted to print the information more clearly.

  9. Fine payment receipts can be printed, even if no other transaction receipts are normally printed.

  11. Searching in Patron History has been corrected and enhanced, enabling the use of the Enter key to initiate a search.

  13. Loaning an item to a patron whose expiration period is less than the loan period no longer prompts an error.

  15. Reserving or holding an item for a patron with an expiration date no longer prompts the ‘Reserve/Hold Operation Canceled’ error message.

  17. A problem with the 005 date being modified after loading an uncirculated item or patron has been addressed.

  19. Clicking OK in Library Transactions now returns the user to the prior Circulation mode.

  21. A bug that could cause Circulation sessions to display records from another workstation’s session has been resolved.

Taking Inventory

  1. Inventory no longer classifies all deleted records as Out of Range. The handling is now the same as M3 Inventory with respect to deleted records.


1 These require new indexes and a utility for existing transactions before the columns are populated. Contact Mandarin Technical Support if you would like to take advantage of this feature.