Mandarin offers a variety of hardware packages providing complete library automation solutions.


When your library automation software system needs quick and easy inventory management, the handheld scanners from Symbol Technologies is the right choice. All scanners read RSS codes and feature a one-year swap-out warranty.

The TriCoder™ portable bar code reader is perfect for your library automation system. 

When you need fixed bar code scanning for data input at the computer plus periodic inventory scanning for later batch upload, this portable barcode reader is the best choice. This battery operated reader stores scanned or keyed data in its memory for later batch uploading. 


We offer a variety of printers compatible with your new or existing workstations.

Printer options include Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers, Receipt Printer 


Servers are available for purchase from Mandarin. Server specifications are designed to meet the needs of each library; therefore, specifications vary according to requirements. Our highly qualified technical staff will work with you to determine the server specifications required to best serve your library’s needs.


Workstations are available with standard specifications or can be customized.