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Online MARC records database and cataloger, providing easy, unlimited access to the best MARCs for any material type. Instead of downloading and installing software on your computer, just sign in and find the records you need or create them with our powerful cataloger.

Mitinet BestMARC PLUS: 

The New Way to Manage Your MARC Records Database
BestMARC™ is Mitinet's complete online solution for managing your MARC records.
Create - Search or Catalog records from scratch quickly and easily
Edit - Fix Errors, run Enhancements and Global Edits, and group them into Workflows
Share - Share Global Edits, Workflows, and files between users, manage users, and view charts and statistics
Includes Reading level information added

Mitinet Custom Enhancement Package:

This package includes the following. Standardization of call numbers and additional copy record updates, enhancements to Subject headings (Sears, Library of Congress, Library of Congress Children’s), All reading programs (or they can specify), State and national award notes, Converting brief records to full records, Duplicate record removal, Removal of unwanted MARC fields or terminology, and MARC record repair. (E.g. punctuations, capitalization, indicators, etc.)