Conduct an Inventory of Your Library's Holdings

M3 Inventory allows you to conduct a full or partial inventory of your library’s holdings. Once the inventory procedure is complete, the Inventory module compares the results to the contents of the holdings database, producing nine reports. These reports detail all aspects of your library’s collection and provide in?depth statistical information.

  • Newly Found Items
  • Missing Items
  • Items with Invalid Barcodes
  • Misplaced Items
  • Loaned Shelved Items
  • No Barcode Items
  • Duplicate Barcode Items
  • Out of Range(s) Items
  • Inventory Statistics

The display for Inventory was designed for ease of use. The Inventory window is divided into the Barcode pane and the Inventory pane. The Barcode pane displays the barcode files and barcodes used in the inventory procedure. The Inventory pane displays the results of the inventory procedure. Records are displayed in individual tabs at the bottom of the screen corresponding to the nine reports previously listed.

To further expedite your inventory, Mandarin suggests purchasing a portable barcode scanner enabling you to scan the shelves and upload the data quickly and easily.