Simplify the Maintenance of Records in Your Institution

The M3 Cataloging module provides a fully functional, powerful MARC editor for all record formats. Whether you're a cataloger who wants to edit directly in the MARC 21 Format, or one who prefers to edit in a labeled display, you can be assured that records in your collection are full, valid MARC records that can be exported and shared with other libraries supporting MARC. All MARC 21 elements including leader, fixed and variable fields, indicators and subfields are stored and available to catalogers.

The M3 Cataloging module is not only powerful and efficient; it is easy to use. For example, a number of default bibliographic templates are provided for creating records in a variety of material formats such as books, serials, maps, scores, etc…. Entry examples are shown as the cataloger adds or edits a field or subfield. Default templates can be modified and new ones added as needed by your library.

Templates with pre-existing data can even be created for frequently received materials, to eliminate re-entry of standard information in these records.
Authorized users can access the optional Authority Control module through Cataloging to create and maintain MARC 21 Authority Format records and cross references. Bibliographic catalogers can then link name, subject and uniform title (series) headings to records, enabling fast and consistent Cataloging data entry and OPAC search retrievals.

Cataloging Features

  • Access to the Bibliographic, Authority (optional), Holdings and Patron databases through a large variety of indexes
  • Support of full MARC 21 Format standard for all record types
  • Quick toggle between MARC tag or labeled field record display formats when editing
  • Multiple default record templates for print and non-print materials
  • Powerful editing options, including:
    • Ability to find/replace functions for selected records or entire searches
    • Ability to cut/copy/paste/delete/move/insert fields and subfields
    • Ability to copy records for quick creation of new editions and similar records
  • Ability to print lists of records or a single record
  • Ability to link any number of holding records (copies) to a single bibliographic record
  • Ability to add an "In Process" status for items being cataloged and not yet available
  • Library can determine fields and subfields included in keyword indexes
  • Punctuation automatically added per AACR2 and MARC 21 standards

Records automatically added per AACR2 and MARC 21 standards 

Import and Export
Cataloging imports Authority, Bibliographic, and Patron records in a variety of data formats: MARC, HTML, delimited, and fixed-width. A High-Speed Import Option is also available if you plan to import more than a few thousand records; this saves you a significant amount of processing time.

With any import option, you can:

  • Select the records, fields and subfields to import
  • Specify how fields are displayed
  • Check for duplicate records
  • Generate holdings records
  • Update barcodes