M5 v5-6-6

November 2018

Ver 5.6.6


Advanced Cataloging.
1. A crash when searching bibs without holdings has been resolved.
2. Collection members can now be printed.
1. Catalog now supports saving records in RIS format from My List. 
2. The way lists are handled has been redesigned in this release.
3. The way records are added to a database in Record Fetch has been redesigned in this release.
4. Logon and session postback queries have been optimized, resulting in increased performance.
5. Compatibility issues with Microsoft Edge have been addressed.
6. Alt and Title elements have been added to the Logo image. These are based on the value of the Title field on the Library Settings section in Setup. Additionally, there is a new logo_alttext key in Setup that allows the user to specify a different value for the Alt and Title attributes.
7. An issue that prevented printing the results of a Patron search has been addressed.
1. Added Email and Phone columns for the Public Library display in the Library Transactions view on screen and in print.
2. An issue that caused receipts to be emailed twice has been addressed.
3. Circulation queries on the Group table have been optimized, resulting in a significant performance increase when loading patrons with large numbers of transactions.
4. An issue that would cause Circulation to hang on startup when the logged in user had access only to Self Mode has been addressed.
Group Editor.
1. Printing of group members has been implemented.
2. An issue where members of a Special Reserve group were not refreshed when viewing the members of another special reserve group has been addressed.

Advanced Cataloging.


  1. An issue that prevented all holdings being created when importing bibs with large numbers of 852 fields has been resolved.




  1. An issue that could cause some items not to display Google cover images has been corrected.
  2. A link to the Comments Management page is present with the number of unapproved comments in the notification bubble.
  3. When adding a new bibliographic record, the holding will be created if the only populated 852 subfield is the barcode.
  4. An issue that could cause the incorrect cover image to display in the Record Fetch results has been resolved.




  1. An issue that caused Circulation to cache group permissions and circulation parameters has been corrected.
  2. The Patron History option has been restored to the Patron ‘select action’ dropdown.
  3. Circulation now supports an enhanced search feature available under the Patron and Item dropdowns. The search results are static until a new search is performed, or the results are cleared.


Record Editor.


  1. A large number of holdings (>1000), and a large number of 852 fields is now supported.
  2. Large barcodes are handled by the barcode suggestion feature.