Expand and customize to meet your library's needs.


With WebOPAC, MARC Magician, BookWhere, Serial & Acquisitions, ZServer, Mobile Module, Texbook Module, Syndetic Module, Authority Control, Authority Database, SIP2 Authenticator and Other Optional Software you can improve your M3® Funtionality.

The M3 Web OPAC allows libraries using M3 to publish their collections on the Web. This module allows M3 users to enjoy many of the searching and customization features available in the Oasis Catalog.
Authority Control
Our Authority Control module allows for full implementation and compliance with Library of Congress MARC 21 Authority Standard.
Serials & Acquisitions
Our Serials and Acquisitions module allows libraries to track, purchase and fully integrate with your existing Mandarin software
Our fully integrated SIP2 Authenticator provides a standard interface between Mandarin M3 and Oasis and various library software automation devices such as the 3M™ SelfCheck™ system and services such as patron authentication.
The Mandarin SIF Agent allows your M3 or Oasis system to communicate with your SIF-compliant instructional and administrative software, automatically updating student information in M3 or Oasis.
Textbook Module
Save time, money and resources through easy and convenient tracking, cataloging and textbook inventory-ing.
ZSERVER (Z39.50 Server)
The ZServer module allows your library to be part of a virtual union catalog. This means that your M3 database catalog records can be accessed and copied by other libraries around the world through a Z39.50 client so that they can “copy catalog” your records.
mOPAC (Mobile OPAC)
The Mandarin Mobile OPAC provide your patrons with the full power of the online catalog in the palms of their hands.
Syndetic Solutions
Integrate the descriptive, enriching information offered by Syndetic Solutions, Inc. into your M3 or Oasis automation solution.
BookWhere Z39.50 Client and Online Access
When you want to search and retrieve bibliographic records from thousands of public, academic and state library databases worldwide, Bookwhere and Mandarin will connect you.
MARC Magician
The Mandarin Mobile Module harnesses the power of the Windows Mobile based scanners to offer a handheld solution for both circulation and inventory functions.
Library Usage
Helps libraries keep track of who visits the library and what kinds of tasks they engage in while there.